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A website for Emerson Lily Palmer created by her father Greg Palmer

Greg Palmer's
Hike For Discovery


I'm hiking to raise $5000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. Your support could help save a life.
  • See stories and photos of my journey to find a cure

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A website for Katelyn Rupert created by her father Tim Rupert

Late Summer Hunting Trip
This site shows some pictures from a hunting trip that Tom Rupert, Keith Rupert, Tim Rupert and Brian Kite went on in early September of 2006.

Winter backpacking at Oil Creek State Park
in western PA

Participants: Greg Palmer, Jason Palmer, Brian Knight

End of Summer backpacking on the Chuck Keiper Trail
in central PA

Participants: Greg Palmer, Jason Palmer

The Fire Ring
Before TV, before newspapers, even before we moved into houses... the fire ring was the gathering place to tell stories and share personal experiences.

A website dedicated to the experiences shared around the fire ring. You will find nature photography, ghost stories, artwork, & other stories related to anything and everything in the natural world.

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